About Us

The Metal Manufacturing is a young dynamic company founded in Berlin Germany in 2019. However, our experience is based in defense industry for over 10 years.

Our main focus is on development, production and distribution of short and long gun ammunition around the world for the civil and official sector.

From the ammunition trade, Metal Manufacturing discovered a large gap in the market for machinery. The demand for machinery in the industry drove Metal Manufacturing to designing and manufacturing machinery. The dynamism and position of the company makes it possible to offer faster and cost-effective solutions in comparison to its competitors. Metal Manufacturing presently has the capacity to establish an interlinking ammunition line by manufacturing all the machinery, press, automated machines and mould sets that are necessary for ammunition production.  Metal Manufacturing now has access to hundreds of subcontractors who support the manufacturing process. Quality control standards are vigorously applied in every stage throughout the production and assembly, ensuring that the products are above the customer’s expectations. Although it is a very new company, Metal Manufacturing has achieved a position where it can compete with long established ammunition line producers by taking advantage of its location.

The administrative activities of Metal Manufacturing GmbH are managed in our company headquarters in Berlin.

“Made in Germany” – the business location Germany, forms the base for us for the production of ammunition with the highest quality level.

The first product line from ammunition for Metal Manufacturing GmbH was named MAXIMUM.

….Our dynamic team is working MAXIMUM to ensure that Metal Manufacturing GmbH can offer MAXIMUM quality for a maximum price-performance ratio.