FMJ Transfer Press is a vertical H Type Press which assembles FMJ Cups, lead cores and other necessary components.

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Metal Manufacturing

556 Hadde Press (0-00-00-00)

Drawing Press

Drawing Press is a vertical H type press which is used for converting cups into drawn and trimmed semi finished cases.

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Weighing Unit

Forming Press is a vertical H type press which is identical with Case Drawing Press in terms frame and is used for converting drawn cups into non-grooved cases.

556 Hadde Press (0-00-00-00)

Forming Press

The weighing machine is designed for detecting if the weight of bullets is in the specified tolerances.

Annealing Furnace

Annealing Unit is designed for strengthening of components to prepare them for drawing operations in case production.

Loading Machine

This is a rotary motion loading machine used for assembling primed cases, gunpowder and cartridge cases.

Mouth Annealing Unit

This machine will anneal the mouth of the rifle case via induction heating and cool the mouth via pressurized air.

Packing Machine

Every ten cartridges are pushed into each row of the plastic tray while the tray is shifting to be filled with the next ten cartridges.The operator will then put the tray in to cardboard boxex

Packing and Selecting

This machine first assembles the cardboard boxes and packs the rifle cartridges into them via a robotic arm.

Mechanical Grooving and Trimming Machine

Mechanical grooving and Trimming Machine is an automatic lathe dedicated for trimming and grooving of cartridge cases.

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